VI Youth Scream It was marked with the Presentation of the Praise Group The Fisherman Salt of the Earth of Goiânia-GO

In the sixth edition of the event that is remarkable for young people in the city of Rondonópolis, this year's Youth Scream was marked for the story, the presentation of the group of Praise The Salt Salt Fisherman of Goiânia pleased and enchanted all visiting public, the songs came against the hearts of the young men who praised, jumped and sang the name of Jesus.

The presence of Radialista and reporter Andersen Navarro with the special way of conducting the event was also one of the highlights. The radio broadcaster also provided a word of salvation for all young people.

The launch of the new website of the fully researched Ministry of Salt Water ( ) and the live broadcast of the event were able to demonstrate the grandiosity of the structure used to spread the gospel to young people in Rondonopolis.

The night of celebration began at 7 pm in the church parking lot and had the distribution of several prizes, such as 1000.00 reais, also drawn on watches, T-shirts and other gifts.

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Date: June 09, 2012

Photos: Rivian Dias

Publicado em 13/06/2012

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