Study proves that we live the worst persecution of Christians in history

Thaís , Publicado em 10/01/2018

A new study, published by the Aid to the Church in Need Foundation, shows that the persecution between 2015 and 2017 is the worst in history. With the title "Persecuted and Forgotten?", The material is available for free in Portuguese HERE . Compared with the latest AIS-type survey in the biennium 2013-2015, the situation worsened in most countries where there was no religious freedom. In the midst of the 21st century, Christians of all traditions continue to be murdered, tortured and imprisoned for not denying their faith. The material, which has the seal of the Vatican, studies cases of intolerance against Christians, whether they are Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant (evangelical). Profiles of the 13 countries where the situation is most severe are presented: China, Egypt, Eritrea, India, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Turkey. The report crosses its data with other similar surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center. They show that by 2014, there were 108 countries where Christians were persecuted, while in 2015, that figure has spread to 128 countries. North Korea remains the worst country for a Christian to live, followed by the situation in Syria and Iraq, which until recently has been dominated by Islamic state jihadists. Here is a brief summary of the situation in the 13 countries analyzed by the AIS, where there are constant violations of human rights such as violence, kidnapping, unjustified arrests, unfair trials, bans on worship or religious demonstrations. China: Communism imposed atheist Egypt: the bloodiest attacks Eritrea imprisoned for their India faith clash with Hindu nationalism Iran: Fear of 'foreign' religion Iraq: over 80% of Christians were killed or expelled Nigeria: ethnic and religious cleansing North Korea: Christians are the new Jews Pakistan: government sponsors terror Saudi Arabia: hell on Earth Sudan: government sponsors hate Syria: Christians cornered Turkey: new Ottoman caliphate

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