Who goes to church and relates to the community lives longer, says research

Thaís , Publicado em 13/01/2018

Attendance at religious services or celebrations reduces the risk of death, according to a comprehensive survey conducted over a period of 10 years by researchers studying public health. The study was published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS), with data pointing to reducing the risk of death among people who attend a religious group and attend cults or meetings at least once a week. The researchers gathered 18,300 Americans aged around 50 and began collecting data regarding their religious routine, social habits, and health conditions. The idea was to assess the impact of religion on mortality rates, according to Ansa news agency. The studies were conducted for 10 years between 2004 and 2014, and after three years of data studies, the research report was unveiled in December 2017, demonstrating that among respondents who attended services at least once a week, the risk of mortality was less than 40%, compared with those who did not participate in any religious group. The data also showed that more frequent shoppers were less likely to engage in harmful habits such as smoking or alcohol abuse, and were more likely to consult doctors regularly and engage in physical activity. Another study, conducted with nearly 75,000 middle-aged nurses in the United States, had already reached the same conclusion: regular attendance at cults can also help increase longevity . The researchers also emphasized that the type of belief does not influence the results: "Active religiosity is a brand that characterizes a population that has a lower risk of death, due to several protective factors, such as better lifestyle and higher propensity to relationships social, "explained Raffaele Antonelli, a professor of medicine at the University of Rome. "The religious spirit is generally associated with a positive mental attitude, which 'protects' from disease. Therefore, religiosity protects against depression, consequently associated with other diseases and even death, "concluded the doctor.

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