For more than 20 years, in the heart of Brazil, a man has been chosen, called and empowered by God. In the Pantanal Matogrossense he learned the strategies of the best fishing, with the best baits, the best periods to launch the net. The fisherman Célio Rosa da Silva did not imagine that that time was the preparation for an even bigger fishing: that would take thousands of lives to know the salvation in Jesus Christ.

The training that God gave him made Pastor Célio Rosa da Silva the FISHERMAN OF MEN. He founded the Salt Ministry of the Earth through revelations from God and today there are headquarters of the Ministry in ten Brazilian states.

The desire to populate heaven by winning souls to Jesus guides the ministry of the FISHERMAN OF MEN and wherever miracles pass, prodigies and wonders are ministered to lives, and thousands have been saved, through the gifts that the Holy Spirit of God has transhipped in his life.