6th Expression

Leão, Publicado em 16/07/2017

Check out the summary of the 6th Expression of Praise and Worship to God that took place on August 8, at the Rondonópolis Exhibition Park.

The event that had the participation of the singer Fernandinho, had as main objective the collection of food for the Maranhão Mission. At the time 2 motorcycles and a 0Km car were drawn.

The success was total, about 45 thousand people honored the 6th Expression and more than 70 tons of food were collected.

6th Expression of praise at the 45th Exposul with the presence of Fernandinho on August 08, 2017.

Carreata to promote the 6th expression of praise.

Prophetic act at Exposul for 6th expression .

Food collected in the expression of Praise to be taken the people in need of Maranhão, more than 70 tons of food.

Live on the show, 6th expression of Praise.

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