Pr. Célio Rosa (O Pescador), Publicado em 06/06/2012

This Program constitutes an open proposal for the creation and development of projects carried out for the benefit of the young people of the Ministry of Salt Water.

It is a national program, to be promoted by the coordination of JUST - Young United The Salt Salt Land Fisherman Ministry The Salt Salt Land.

Its purpose is the formation of character, the construction of knowledge and self-realization of our young people, in order to create habits, such as: Christian, responsibility, care / protection, citizenship, common sense.

It is therefore a program focused on the fulfillment of our mission, which is the integral development of the human being through teaching and learning and learning and teaching, giving meaning to all human life processes and professional practice in this society. We understand as integral formation, the harmonious development of all dimensions of the individual: cognitive, affective and social.

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