Transforming Lives online

Espírito Santo (Co-autor Antonio Leão), Publicado em 02/01/2016

The purpose of this project is to create tools, mechanisms and technologies to announce and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all who access the internet, spreading the word of God, saving lives and populating the sky.

Get to know our internet evangelism work a little:

Live broadcasting of the services delivered at the headquarters of O Pescador Sal da Terra in Rondonópolis-MT, for everyone through the program of streaming video and audio in HD quality for live broadcast on the internet. Reaching people from the United States, Japan, England, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Australia, Bolivia, Peru and many others.

During the service, brothers trained in the word of God are separated to evangelize on the internet, through notebooks that give access to countless people through applications such as Messenger, Facebook, Orkut, Google+, Sonico, Twitter, among various social networks and chats. Through this way the Word of God can reach the crowds with ease and strategies of the Lord reaching many lives inside and outside Brazil. There are many testimonies of people who have been evangelized on the internet and called to hear the word and their lives have been totally transformed.

The mobile broadcasting unit is the way to announce the gospel wherever we have been. When the events of the Ministry are in other cities, this mobile unit comes into action with modern equipment of live transmission on the internet and brothers evangelizing during the event. There are no distances or miles to reach the word of God, through these tools the radius of the gospel has spread in many places.

The Ministry's website was exclusively designed to carry evangelistic contents of various themes, cults, keys, messages, films, books, praises, news, constituting one more important tool in spreading the word of God throughout the land.

Through the so-called Web 2.0 we are always taking the word of God, be it in video, in audio, in writing, to reach the maximum of people who constantly access the varied social networks spread around the planet, we focus our work in the networks: Facebook, Orkut , Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Sonico, Likedin, MySpace among others, being led by the Holy Spirit in the elaboration and conclusion of strategies that attract people to the kingdom of God and thus universalizing the word of God throughout the land, proclaiming Jesus' Christ to every creature.

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