Célio Rosa da Silva, known as "The Fisherman", is a minister of the Gospel who lives in the city of Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso, Brazil, where is the church headquarters, whose name is the Ministry The Fisherman Salt of the Earth, to which he presides .

Pr. Célio Rosa was a professional fisherman. He lived in Pantanal Matogrossense, where he learned the best strategies of fishing, with the best baits, as well as the best periods. The fisherman Célio Rosa da Silva did not imagine that that time was the preparation for an even bigger fishing: that would take thousands of lives to know the salvation in Jesus Christ.

Célio Rosa da Silva is a son in the faith of Rev. Dave Roberson, a minister of the Gospel living in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. While still a professional fisherman, he received two cassette tapes with preachings by Pr. Dave on prayer in tongues and decided to practice the teachings, thus triggering the call of God for his life.

The training that God gave him, made him become "THE FISHERMAN OF MEN".

In 1993 he founded the church The Fisherman Salt of the Earth, in which he is president and pastor. The church is headquartered in Rondonópolis, and has ten units spread throughout Brazil. It currently has about 2,000 members.

The Salt Water Ministry has churches spread out in many states in Brazil, as well as in other countries.

In his preaching, he emphasizes the role of prayer in tongues in the believer's life, placing it as a master key for the personal edification and operation of the individual calling of every Christian on earth.

Through the operation, hour after hour, in this gift of the Holy Spirit, Célio Rosa da Silva began, over the years, to be used by God with gifts of healing and miracles, so that in the over twenty years of his ministry, thousands of people have come to know Jesus Christ, being saved, healed, and delivered by the power of this Name. He has sought to lead, in simplicity, the Living and Mighty Gospel, teaching to enjoy daily fellowship with the Living, Mighty and Real God, always demonstrating that every believer becomes a priest of his own confession.

People from various parts of Brazil and the world have been touched by the power and Word of the Lord through the life of this man who for more than twenty years has experienced true experiences with God and encouraged them to walk in power and love that transforms lives !

He has published several physical and digital books on various subjects related to his preaching, among them "Prayer in the Spirit".

For several years, he has preached in several countries such as Spain, Switzerland, United States, France, Italy, Portugal, England, among others, performing various ministrations and conferences. He has also promoted, along with the Ministry that God has given him, socio-educational, charitable and social assistance events in various parts of Brazil, having already carried out crusades in the northeast of Brazil, through the Northeast, Maranhao and Alagoas Missions, where preached the Gospel of Christ, Living Word that transforms lives, besides serving the needy population with clothes, shoes, toys and food.


Avenida: Casemiro de Abreu 1046 - Residencial Buriti - Rondonópolis-MT
CEP 78716-050 - Phone: (066) 3426-2964 - Whatsapp: 66 99677 7529